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Contrail is a complete Cloud platform which integrates a full Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service facilities. It allows Cloud providers to seamlessly integrate resources from other Clouds with their own infrastructure, and breaks the current customer lock-in situation by allowing live application migration from one cloud to another.


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The Contrail components are detailed in the following figure. The specific functionality of each component is described in the project technical deliverables (cf. D10.5). Furthermore, a detailed Scenario is sketched in the Contrail Scenario where we put into play all the components of the Contrail architecture. 



FederationFederates multiple providers. It has a REST API and manages user data, users accounts' data, user applications' data, and providers' data. It uses XtreemFS as shared storage between federation and multiple providers.
ProviderWorks on OpenNebula and deals with the deployment of the application on the cloud provider via the VEP module, which interacts with OpenNebula to deploy the requested VMs. VEP supports DMTF OVF standard used to describe a distributed application. The Contrail Provider has a monitoring module to collect monitoring data and send them to the federation. XtreemFS could be used to store the OpenNebula VM images. The Contrail Provider also features an external authorization support which provides a set of security services for an access control on the basis of the XACML and SAML security standards.
ResourceEnables and aggregates monitoring information from OpenNebula cloud, XtreemFS and Scalaris.